Pricing Options

     You just got a shiny new computer, every program you could possibly need, and now you're online and surfing the web. All of a sudden, error messages start popping up every once in a while, and you want some answers. So you call up your local computer store, and they recommend that, before you even get to ask them a question, you purchase their premium service plan for the next three years. Reluctantly, you purchase the plan, and they send a tech over straight-away. Little do you know you're about to be billed just for the tech to walk in the door - despite already buying their "Service Warranty" - followed by another bill for the tech to look at your computer and diagnose the problem, with the grand total being higher than your monthly car payment.

     Does this situation sound familiar? If you're one of the millions of PC owners that buy computer from big companies, than this most likely has already happened to you at least once. We at TLG Solutions feel your pain. It is not fair for companies to charge you for every little thing, no matter whose fault it is that they are there in the first place. It is for this reason that we offer free* evaluations for you, our customer. No charges for just showing up, no worrying about making the decision between paying a service bill or buying groceries.

     On top of free* evaluations, we also offer competitively-priced support options designed to fit even the tightest budget, for any problem, no matter what. Our competitive rates have always been a staple of our business with our customers, a tradition that will never change. Even the most simple tasks, which would normally cost the proverbial "Arm and a Leg" with other companies, are made to be affordable and painless.

     If would like to know more about our pricing and availability, or would like an estimate on one of our many services, please send us an e-mail at


*Evaluations include, but are not limited to the following: Hardware Inspections and Troubleshooting, Virus Diagnosis, Performance Troubleshooting, and Network Troubleshooting (Wired and Wireless). There is no charge for these services, however; depending on the client location(s), there may be a small Destination Fee incurred by the client, and the client is solely responsible for the payment of aforementioned fee upon initial evaluation.